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CLC-LampSt. Mark’s Ev. Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the CONCORDIA LUTHERAN CONFERENCE, which itself is not a church but an organization of local churches bound together in true, God-pleasing fellowship based on unity of faith and confession. God did not institute or ordain the existence of synodical bodies, nor did He give them the rights and privileges that churches enjoy, nor did He place them and their governing officers and boards on a par with or above the local congregation with its ministry of the Word and Sacraments. Our congregations are members of the Conference in Christian liberty, working together with cherished brethren in other localities to carry out in a more efficient manner what would be more difficult for an individual church to accomplish on its own. Our Conference maintains a seminary training program to prepare well-qualified pastors for the future; publishes a bimonthly magazine, the Concordia Lutheran, as well as Scripturally sound Sunday School materials; seeks out those who may truly share our Scriptural position in doctrine and practice by means of its mission program and through its standing committee on Lutheran union; and always stands ready to aid its member congregations at their request.

A copy of the Conference’s Constitution, the “Sketch” of its doctrinal position, as well as a sample issue of the Concordia Lutheran, can be had free of charge upon request. Also available and of special interest to members of the Wisconsin Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Synod, and Church of the Lutheran Confession are several tracts on the Doctrine of the Church and Ministry, namely, “This Scriptural Position We Still Hold” and “How the False Doctrine on the Church and Ministry Endangers Other Plain Teachings of the Bible.” You may obtain these and other materials, as well as a list of the other Conference congregations, from the Conference publishing house direct at the address below OR by clicking on that address to gain access to the Conference website from which documents can be downloaded ——

Scriptural Publications

Scriptural Publications
17151 South Central Avenue
Oak Forest, IL 60452-4913